Big Money API

A back end for investigating the movement of money in B.C. politics.

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This is meant to be read by robots, but humans are welcome too. Here are some things to try:

See a human-readable version of the data /api
List of all donations /api/donations
Add ?format=json to any URL to see the machine-readable version of the data /api/donations/?format=json
Show the details of a single donation /api/donations/4215
Lsit all donations larger than $25,000 /api/donations/?min=25000
List the top (non-individual) donors /api/unique_organizations/?ordering=-donations_total
Get all of the above results in a single (slower) page of JSON data api/unique_organizations/?ordering=-donations_total&format=json&limit=99999
List all the donations to one party and its candidates between two dates /api/donations/?after=2013-02-13&before=2013-02-14&filer__affiliation=BC+NDP
List all the donations from one company /api/donations/?contributor__contributor_class=2&search=Classic+Impressions

Or click the button on a page in the API to build your own query.